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At ResearchProspect, students in Canada are presented with a remarkable chance to pursue a rewarding professional journey as freelance writers. Our team consists of skilled writers from diverse academic disciplines, working together to deliver top-notch assignments to students in Canada and around the globe. If you are seeking a career that provides flexibility, creativity, and the ability to create a meaningful influence, we warmly welcome you to become a part of our team of highly talented writers.

  • Location and time flexibility
  • Choose essays that interest you
  • Possibility to build a versatile collection of writing samples
  • Potential for higher earnings compared to conventional salaried positions
  • Chance to broaden knowledge across various domains
  • Enhanced control over workload and achieving work-life balance
  • Collaborate with multiple clients concurrently
  • Competitive compensation range
  • Freedom to determine your workload
  • Flexibility in choosing working hours
  • Opportunity for skill enhancement
  • Engaging and novel projects
  • Valuable feedback from quality control
  • Potential for personal and professional growth

ResearchProspect offers numerous benefits to its writers. You will be paid according to the nature and complexity of your work. We will also give bonuses for exceptional work.

  • Bi-monthly payment schedule
  • Extra earnings for successful writer referrals
  • Flexible work hours and schedule
  • No bidding competition
  • Consistent and regular workflow opportunities

At ResearchProspect, we maintain a strong commitment to uncompromising quality and originality in our content. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards it. If plagiarism is detected in your work, regardless of the duration of your tenure with us, your contract will be terminated immediately. Our expectations for our writers are clear and concise:

  • High Quality
  • Plagiarism Free

To apply as a writer at ResearchProspect, follow a straightforward process of completing the form and uploading the necessary documents. Afterwards, our HR team will carefully review your application, and we will promptly respond to you.

ResearchProspect seeks to recruit fresh ghostwriters across various fields, requiring a minimum of a 2:1 Masters or Ph.D. degree.

    ResearchProspect consistently seeks exceptional and extensively qualified academic writers and researchers. However, our recruitment process is rigorous and meticulous. Our HR specialists possess extensive expertise and are well-versed in our specific criteria for selecting writers. If you are confident in possessing the necessary academic writing skills and a genuine passion for continuous learning and knowledge, we eagerly await your application and the opportunity to learn more about you.