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Published by at March 5th, 2024 , Revised On March 5, 2024

How Many Times Can You Resubmit A Ph.D. Dissertation?

The number of times you can resubmit your dissertation depends on several factors and reasons. 


The number of permissible resubmissions varies considerably across different universities and programs. Several factors contribute to this variability, including:

University Policies

Each university establishes its own regulations regarding Ph.D. dissertations, including the resubmission process. These policies usually outline the number of allowable attempts and the timeframes associated with each resubmission. Consulting your university’s official guidelines is crucial for understanding your specific limitations.

Program And Department Regulations

Individual programs and departments within a university might further refine the university-wide policies. They may set stricter limits on resubmissions or establish additional requirements for students seeking a second or third submission.

Reviewing your program’s handbook or directly contacting your program coordinator is essential to ascertain specific program-level regulations.

The Nature Of The Revisions Required

The examiner’s feedback plays a significant role in determining the possibility of resubmission. If the required revisions are minor and can be addressed readily, then a resubmission is likely to be permitted. However, if the feedback reveals fundamental flaws or necessitates substantial rewriting, additional resubmissions might not be an option.

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Resubmission Process

Here’s a general overview of the typical resubmission process:

Receiving Feedback

After the initial submission, the examiners analyze the dissertation and provide detailed feedback. This feedback usually highlights strengths and weaknesses, outlining areas for improvement.

Determining Next Steps

Based on the examiners’ feedback, the university, program, or department decides whether a resubmission is allowed. This decision considers the severity of the issues, the feasibility of addressing them within a reasonable timeframe, and the university’s or program’s existing policies.

Addressing The Feedback

If allowed, the student meticulously addresses the examiners’ concerns, incorporating necessary changes and revisions into the dissertation. This often involves working closely with their supervisor to ensure the revised dissertation meets the required standards.

Resubmitting The Dissertation

Once revisions are complete, the student resubmits the dissertation within the stipulated timeframe. This resubmission may involve additional fees or administrative procedures.


The examiners re-evaluate the revised dissertation to assess if the required changes have been adequately addressed and if the dissertation meets the required quality standards for doctoral candidacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your university, program, or department will decide based on the severity of issues raised by examiners and the feasibility of addressing them within a reasonable timeframe. It’s crucial to communicate with your supervisor and follow the guidelines provided.

If the revisions are substantial, additional resubmissions may not be permitted. It’s important to work closely with your supervisor to understand the scope of revisions and to determine the best course of action.

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